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Reasons and solutions for the waste of metal sensor casing tensile parts
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The stretched parts of the metal sensor shell are completed by stretching, stamping and other processes to obtain the required workpiece. There are a lot of waste products during production, why is th

The stretched parts of the metal sensor shell are completed by stretching, stamping and other processes to obtain the required workpiece. There are a lot of waste products during production, why is this?

The reason for the waste of the stretched parts of the metal sensor shell is that the quality of the stamping material used is not good. The installation, adjustment and use of the stretching die are not correct; the staff did not place the strips accurately and did not feed the strips according to a certain gap. The mold life cycle is too long, resulting in gaps in the mold parts or wear on the guide parts. Drawing dies are chronically exposed to shock vibrations that loosen fasteners and cause other changes in the position of die assembly. The carelessness of the staff did not carry out standardized operations in accordance with the operating procedures.

Measures to prevent the production of waste products in the tensile parts of the metal sensor shell: the purchase of raw materials must meet the relevant quality inspection conditions, and the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the raw materials should be tested and inspected We must conscientiously abide by the various links in the work process. It is necessary to ensure that the equipment used can operate under normal conditions.

Before the mass production of workpieces, the first piece must be inspected, and the mass production step can only be started after the inspection is passed. It is also necessary to strengthen inspections to find out the existence of problems in time. Abide by the rules and regulations of safe production. The last point is to ensure that the mold cavity is clean during the processing, and the working place must be tidied up to comply with the 5s standard

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